Brenda’s closet. Day 65

Lipsticks we love. I am ever on a search for the one tube of lipstick—the one color—that is me! When I go to the makeup counter or wall, there are hundreds of choices of lipsticks—my head spins and my eyes glaze over. It’s so pretty, dazzling…like a giant art project. It’s overwhelming! I used to ask for help, but that doesn’t really work for me. I know how I want to look. I’m not that color of the moment type…unless I like that color.
I have seen lipsticks in ads in black, dark purple, magenta, and neon pink. All are very interesting in a weird way and on trend, but do they look good on a real person or just the mannequin in the ad? Her makeup and hair color have been adjusted , enhanced, and photo shopped to sell you this lipstick… We live in the real world and just want to look pretty.

Here are some lipsticks I have tried and liked. I actually liked them enough to buy them more than once. You’ll have to pick the colors that suit you. Remember, the right color brings out your eyes and makes your skin look wonderful.
• Bare Minerals-Marvelous Moxie—really nice lip gloss in many pretty shades, also plumps lips
• Bobbi Brown- High Shimmer lip gloss, and Lip Gloss
• Bobbi Brown-Creamy Lip Color
• Too Faced- cream and frosted lipsticks
• Smashbox-Be Legendary Lipstick, high pigment, great colors. “Tempt Me” is great for summer
• Revlon- Super Lustrous Lipsticks
• Mac-they used to make a lip gloss in a tube, no color, stayed on long, maybe they still have it
A good tool when wearing highly pigmented lipsticks, or very creamy ones, is a reverse lip liner. It’s clear, so you outline the outer edge of your lips and it stops the color from bleeding. Two good ones are: Too Faced anti feathering pencil, and DuWop reverse lip liner.
Good luck and have fun. On a no makeup day, lipstick can make you okay. Love, Brenda