Brenda’s closet. Day 66.

Little treasures.  There is a lantern that hangs over my washer.  I turn it on whenever I do laundry because it reminds me of a dear friend, now gone.  She made it for me. It gives me a chance to say “hi” to her, and happy memories return.

There’s a small Tiffany bowl in my kitchen filled with little sterling spoons collected by my mom.  The sterling bowl was a gift to me from a dear lady in Ohio a million years ago.  I gave it to my mom because she had a hutch full of silver, and now it’s mine again with my mom’s spoons.  Some day it will be my daughter’s.

I have heart shaped stones from my sweetheart, prisms and paperweights from my kids, and  a bandanna my dad used to wear at night.  Little touchstones that bring me joy…a way to visit with people dear to me.  They bring back memories of times and places.  They make me grateful and remind me that I have been blessed.

Funny how the important things, aside from family and friends, are these little bits. They mean so much to us.  Tell your kids the stories that go with these treasures.  It gives them a very special and and intimate  connection with you.

Everything is important.  Pay attention. Love. Brenda