Brenda’s closet. Day 69.

How to wear the bright color jeans?  As far as the colored jeans go—I have changed my mind. (See how they manipulate our taste and eyes? Amazing…)  I think this is the third year for the bright colored jeans.  Now I really like them.  They are young and fresh–they look like summer…but they are best if skinny and just to the ankle.  The spring and summer colors and the close cut make them lighter in volume and weight—like shorts and leggings.

Here are a couple of tips as to how to put it together:

White ones look great with any color top, most striking is a solid color or a bold print.

Black jeans with pastel or white tops are a pretty match for this season.  The jewel tones look heavier and hot—maybe too strong for that light summer feel.

If you’re doing the bright color jeans, a white top is always crisp and classic.  Black can work too, just not too heavy or overwhelming.  You can do other colors, but they can deaden the impact of the bright pants.  Stand across the room from your  mirror and check it out.

Just remember, these brights do make you stand out…like a beautiful tropical bird.  Don’t be surprised if someone says you look great. Wear it like you own it!

Don’t worry, spring will come.  xoxo, Brenda