Brenda’s closet. Day 70.

Would you look good in bangs?  I think we need to talk about hair a little more—such a huge issue for many of us!  When Mrs. Obama got bangs, women who’ve known me for years suddenly noticed my bangs…but I’ve had bangs forever.  If you see pictures of me as a child, I look like a little Dutch girl…a bob with bangs.

When Linda Evans came on the scene in “Dynasty”—blond hair, bangs and those blue eyes–Wow!!! She was a hit!  We were in Connecticut then and it seemed like every woman there had the “Linda Evans do”.  It was pretty and she was gorgeous!  We all wanted to be her…

Then bangs went away. Now most women we see in the media have longer hair and side-swept bangs.  Very few with the classic bang (Heidi Klum, Zooey Deschanel…remember Marlo Thomas?  her bangs were fake!, and Twiggy? oh, my).  The reason for this conversation is that there are women out there who really would look better with bangs. I am one of them. I wear bangs to hide my frown marks, and to balance out the dimensions of my head (small) and my face (round).

If you have a long, narrow face, bangs can really change your look.  If you have a high or a big forehead, they can totally change your face!  Bangs draw attention to your eyes and enhance your cheekbones.  They need to be long—covering your eyebrows for most of us. The short “Joan of Arc”ones are not good.  You look like an inmate.

They can be very sexy…head angled down—look up through your eyelashes and bangs—it can make men weep…

Play with your hair, pretend you have bangs and see how it looks.  You might be surprised. xoxo, Brenda