Brenda’s closet. Day 71.

Foolproof beauty tips.  Here are some little tips and tricks that can be helpful!

  • Dry shampoo is a great tool for freshening hair, but it also gives hair texture—Yay!
  • Bad hair day?  Pin it up in a casual , sort of messy bun…very soft , sexy and totally acceptable these days!
  • Flat hair? Change part to other will give you lift.
  • Feeling blah? Bright lipstick will brighten your face.
  • Put on a thin coat of all- day lipstick or lipstain, then your regular lipstick.  It will last longer.
  • Try a denim jacket over any outfit that seems boring.  Roll the sleeves and pop the collar—a great fresh look!
  • Exfoliate—invest in a Clarisonic brush, or any similar one. It cleans better than anything, and your skin will glow!
  • Have one sparkly t-shirt in your closet. It can perk up a boring look without overdoing.
  • Feeling fat?  Wear all black with a gorgeous scarf. Ten pounds lighter and two inches taller!
  • Always have one pair of shiny, dangly earrings and one pair of fake diamond studs (approx 1 carat).
  • Smile-big! Rembrandt Intense Stain toothpaste really whitens your teeth!

I hope some of these will help…it’s good to have a few secrets.

Take care. Be brave. Brenda