Brenda’s closet. Day 72.

How to spot a trend.  You’ll know it’s a trend because it will be written up in every magazine.  You’ll see women on TV in it, the talk shows will be hashing it over, and it will be all over the internet.  If you like to keep an eye on current trends, subscribe to a magazine like “Instyle”.  It shows all kinds of fashion in all price ranges, from every source.  No matter where you live, you have the same access to fashion and beauty as the fashionistas do.

You can tell a flattering trend by the speed that it sells out! We are all looking for that  purse that works for everyone, and you find it’s sold out in the stores and you start to search the internet—only to find it’s not available anywhere!  Yes, it was a great trend!

You’ll spot a trend on the woman who catches your eye.  A good trend is obvious if you’re paying attention. You see someone who just looks good–you want to have that look.  If you analyze what it is you liked about her look and you see it on  a few other women—it’s a trend–a direction fashion is taking, not a fad.

Trends are good.  They give us growth and change.  Keep an eye on them.  They keep us from looking out of touch or obsolete.

Stay current, don’t get stagnant.  Your kids will be impressed! xoxo, Brenda