Brenda’s closet. Day 73.

What to get rid of!  Spring is coming (she says with conviction and a growl)!  It always does–and eventually you’ll have to pack away winter and dig out your spring things–Yay! While pulling them out, use that time to get rid of things too.  It’s a lot easier to handle things only once.

Get rid off:

  • Any white blouse that is no longer white, that has deodorant or perspiration stains, or spots.  It’s almost impossible to make a damaged white shirt good again.  For that matter, get rid of any white clothes with spots or stains.
  • Any pants with pleats–please–it adds 5 pounds before you zip them up. Whoever thought that was a good look?
  • Any pants with full legs and pegged cuffs (do you really want bigger thighs?), any pants that are too short (nothing can be done except to cut them off).
  • Stone washed or acid washed jeans, or mom jeans–I know I don’t even have to tell you this…
  • Pretty much anything with an elastic waist, or a gathered waist (just makes us look chunky).
  • Any shoes or purses that are tired or worn.

Donate all of the above.  Now go through all the goodies you kept.  There are probably some great favorites from last spring.  They’ll  lift your spirits and make you look forward to those warm days, the budding trees, and the sweet air!

Take care. be kind.  xo, Brenda