Brenda’s closet. Day 75.

How makeup companies perceive us…?  I just finished reading an article in the Wall Street Journal about cosmetic companies’ marketing.  Covergirl says women interviewed believe they spend about seven and a half minutes applying makeup…really? Did they just talk to fifteen year-olds or did that mean just eye makeup, or what?  Some days it takes me seven minutes to just put on the moisturizers and base coats.

Here’s their take on us. Applicators have to be intuitive—(I am assuming they mean the tool, not the woman.)…what?  “Women don’t want to face a learning curve”.  So says L’oreal, who also owns Maybelline (don’t get me started).  Here’s a makeup item I’m never going to buy…just based on the name–“Eye Studio Master Duo Glossy Liquid Eyeliner”. What?  This is followed by a paragraph to explain what it is, what it can accomplish, and how the user has to manipulate it.  L’oreal says in regard to this product, “we want our consumers to be able to pick up that product and go home and get a really great look”.  Somehow, I doubt it.  What’s wrong with an eyeliner pencil or pen? Quick and simple.  We can finesse the end result.  Done in less time than it took to say the name of their product…

They say they want makeup to be fun—adding names like “chunky cherry”, or aiming to add “a wink and a smile” to makeup application.  First of all, women do not like the word “chunky” ever, and “winking and smiling” only make makeup application difficult.  Who are these people talking to?  Obviously, no one in the real world.

Tune in tomorrow for more on this topic…grrrrr. xoxo, Brenda