Brenda’s closet. Day 76.

How makeup companies perceive us, cont’d.  This article in the Wall Street Journal was talking about “pain points” that many women experience.( I think they are talking about skill sets. ) Pain points?  They continue–“traditional lipsticks require a mirror to apply (so?), this requires a certain skill level.”  Their solution is a “chubby stick”! These have been around for a while in various forms, but they seem to think this is revolutionary.  Again I question name choice—“chubby stick”–CHUBBY?? Then they talk about how women in their forties really love them “because they look like candy or crayons” . These women are not ready for adult daycare…how do these people think?

So they give us fat crayons made to use as lipstick and eyeshadow. A woman interviewed says she dabs the chubby eye shadow on her finger and then applies to her eyelid.  Does this really seem like an improvement over a small brush or applicator?  And the chubby crayon lipstick makes me envision a clown’s mouth—exaggerated by the use of a chunk of colored grease paint. Ewwww.  How hard is it to put on normal lipstick  in a tube, or glosses that have nice little brushes and sponge applicators?It’s perfect and simple–been working for years!

I think they are over-thinking…or is that they just want  to keep generating new versions of everything as fast as they can?  Can you say planned obsolescence?

Tomorrow we talk about mascara—craziness…see ya, Brenda