Brenda’s closet. Day 77.

How makeup companies perceive us and maybe mislead us.  Mascara.  Here’s a statistic for you. “The average woman applies about a dozen strokes to each eye; a high volume seeker (thicker lashes), could easily exceed a hundred strokes”. So in order to satisfy all our needs for really fat eyelashes, they have developed dozens of versions of mascara…you’ve seen it on the drugstore walls–3x the volume, 7x the volume, 9x the volume, 3x longer, 2x more cat eye.  Clumps are bad–buy the “Clump Crusher”! Really!

Here’s one–“Hypnose Star Show Stopping Volume Mascara”–and the icon pictured in the ad is Betty Boop!!! Most women buying mascara don’t know who she is…nor should they!  There was a brand with a vibrating wand, as if we can’t just manipulate the wand ourselves.   Now I see many beauty tips about how to wear false eyelashes instead of mascara…they used to be for special events and celebrities.  Now they’re for news readers and weather girls. I don’t think gluing something to the edge of my eyelid is going to be part of my daily routine…

When you buy a women’s magazine, have you noticed that there is less and less content…and hundreds of ads?  It’s overwhelming if you stop to think about it, but we’ve become oblivious to the constant stream of advertising we are exposed to.  The push is to make us buy more, to buy up…to think that the newest thing is better than the thing you bought last week.  That if you spend more for a product,  it will be better than the moderately priced one.  We are being manipulated.  That $30.00 tube of lipstick is not really any better than the $8.00 one. You’re just paying for the name.

The point is that women spend a fortune on makeup and beauty products every year.  We do it because we want to be pretty, and we don’t want to have wrinkles, and we want our loved ones to be proud of us, and we feel we need to keep up.  But what are we keeping up with?  Remember, too, the standards put out there are false and unachievable…even for the models in the ads.  Ever hear of photo shop?

Don’t let them fool you.  We live in the real world and we’re just fine.  You are beautiful.  xoxo, Brenda