Brenda’s closet. Day 78.

I went for my second haircut!  I thought I loved my new haircut, but today, after fine tuning it—I have to tell you__ I am over the moon!

Why did I wait so long to cut off my long hair? Because I had a couple of bad haircuts and I didn’t really trust anyone anymore…period.  Plus there is that mystique and sex appeal and youthful thing that goes with long hair. We think it keeps us young–men like long hair–and we can hide behind it–and we do.  I know, I did.  But, at the end of the day, it was sucking up too much time in the morning, and it looked better up, and it always gave me a fall-back hairdo.

If it looks better up, maybe you need to look at your profile in the mirror–hair up–hair down.  For me, the hair down profile was not flattering..not if I was honest with myself.  Pinning your hair up gives you some height and the profile from your jaw up is prettier.  So—why don’t we just get rid of the hair we keep pinning up?

I did, and now the fabulous Franco once again worked his magic!  After one month of growing, we could see what needed tweaking, and I was so happy with the new haircut, that I wasn’t afraid to say okay–let’s trim off a little more.  Even I could see now what I was hoping for and Franco knew what I meant.

I feel beautiful.  I love my new hair! and Franco is my “mane” man forever…

Change is good.  Take care, Brenda