Brenda’s closet. Day 79.

My trip to the mall…a rant.  I had to go to the mall today because I’m looking for something specific.  Usually I’m patient and what I need, I can eventually buy at our stores— but every now and then, I can’t wait.  I don’t like the mall.  It stopped being fun years ago when people started using it as a place to drop their tweens.

The kids , mostly girls, are pretty much obnoxious, and unescorted by an adult or parent.  They travel in roving bands–all dressed the same–all texting and talking loudly with the big phony laughs.. Hoping to be noticed, but by whom? Some adolescent male…or a disapproving adult or just showing off for each other?  Ever notice how many young people do not move if you are approaching each other?  It’s always like some petty contest.

Do these kids ever buy anything besides food?  I don’t think so, since there is rarely a mom with a credit card around. Unaccompanied children have no business in Gucci or Ferragamo.  It must make the staff nervous.  It makes us nervous. I feel sorry for the workers at Sephora. Groups of preteens fluttering around in clumps trying every lipstick and eyeshadow with no intention of buying.  In the clothing stores, they try  stuff on and leave it in a mess in the dressing room, or throw it over a rack, or even on the floor.  They roam around ransacking and leaving puddles of inside- out clothing in their wake.  They try on thousand dollar dresses in our stores.  Stores are not playgrounds, or for dress up…they are businesses.  They are offering a service and this kind of behavior is abusive and wrong. It drives away paying customers and costs the businesses money.

Don’t get me wrong…I know there are nice kids out there.  We see great young people,  but the crummy, rude ones demand our attention—is it because angry attention is better than not getting noticed at all?  Businesses would prefer to welcome them since they are, after all, our future—but someone needs to teach these kids to have respect for others.

Teach your children well, because it all comes back.  Brenda