Brenda’s closet. Day 80

Anyway, it gets worse.  There is nothing in any store that is remarkable–at least not in an average price range.  At this time of year, the selection seems pretty pedestrian–not really full summer, and the tired winter still lingering on the racks.  All I wanted was a nice pair of pants to wear to dinner in London (yes, I did say London…Bob and I are actually going away…more on that later).

So, Macy’s-no, Nordstrom’s-no, Neimans-no.  Somehow there are very few dress pants around, and when you do find them, they are just wrong.  I saw low- rise, which I hate (makes a muffin top), or too short, or just badly cut.  The others are so ridiculously expensive—I cannot justify paying over $200.00 for a pair of pants.  On top of that, nothing is true to size.  I’ve seen this in our stores, and we try to put the correct size on the tag, but it’s impossible to re-size everything.  It’s becoming a big problem.

The discount stores are full of merchandise that didn’t sell because the sizing is so off.  Everything is at least one size down from what it’s labeled.  A medium is often a small and a large is usually a medium.  No wonder things don’t sell! How can manufacturers afford to have so much inventory reduced in price or sent to discount houses….aren’t they losing money?

No wonder women don’t buy.  No wonder we’re discouraged and crabby.  Do they really want us to feel that there is something wrong with us? –that it’s our problem that nothing fits?  I hear women say this everyday–you can hear the frustration.  Maybe it’s time we started to speak up.  Write letters to the manufacturers and designers.  This isn’t fair and if we don’t say something nothing is going to change!

I’m tired of this…aren’t you?  Think about it.  Love, crabby Brenda