Brenda’s closet. Day 81.

So, yes, we’re going to London! I promised I’d fill you in, so here it is…My sister and her husband have invited us to go to London for ten days!!  Amazing and wonderful and scary…we have never been there, so this is a great adventure.  We will be leaving next week.  The stores will be in our daughter Maggie’s capable hands…she and all the girls will be running the show,  they’ll do great!

We have no travel skills…so we’re just learning as we go. We sit at the kitchen counter looking like Bert and Ernie—two big goofs searching the internet for travel tips.  Until Wednesday, I am in a packing panic.  I have a problem picking out clothes to go to dinner–how am I ever going to pick out clothes to go to another country?  and not just for me, but for Bob too?  He”ll just throw everything in a grocery bag and be ready–it’s much easier to be a guy.

For women, it’s always a question of variables…shoe height determines pant length, which  determines which blouse or sweater, which determines which coat, which scarf, which earrings, on and on. The combinations are endless….the piles are growing taller and taller.  There are sticky notes at every place that I sit , and purses, shoes, and folded items are on every flat surface.  The house is in total disarray. I’ve stopped buying groceries or cooking since I have to spend a lot of time trying on clothes…Bob sits in the kitchen waiting for food, as I am going through my dozens of black pants in search of the perfect ones.  It is daunting…and crazy..and I know it.

At the end of the day, I have faith that it will be worked out.  I’ll settle on my favorite uniforms, add a couple of special scarves, an umbrella, raincoat and flat shoes. The internet tells me this is right.  My sister tells me this.  My husband tells me this.  I know they are right.  I do.

Maybe one more coat? we’ll talk again.. xoxo, Brenda