Brenda’s closet. Day 82.

Clothing chaos reigns, but I have hope.  I am looking forward to this vacation, but the prep work is so hard.  How can I not know how to do this? So silly.  It’s not like I’m leaving the planet…how different can it be in London?  Nobody knows me.  I’m not famous…I’ll just be another face in the crowd.  But how we look kind of defines us, and it affects us.   I want to look like I fit in.  I just want to have a great time. No wardrobe stress.

Women have entirely too many options and variations. Just the shoe  selection alone could fill a suitcase–not good. I’m settling on two pairs of boots and praying I don’t have to meet the queen. Ha. Well maybe a pair of flats just to walk out into the hallway for something…see how it happens?  Narrowed it down to leggings , sweaters, boots, and scarves.  Just like I wear every day…I feel better.  Of course the number of each of these items  I’ve chosen is far more than I could wear in a month, so I’ll have to pare it down. Not feeling as good.  Poor Bob, no dinner tonight…

You know what it is?  It’s separation anxiety—from my closet and dressers.  Crazy.  I won”t have the safety net that comes from being where my clothes are!  I’m leaving all my options behind…that’s what it is.  I have to sort out all the options and make them definite decisions…arrgh…that really is it!  Hey…now I really feel better. I know what I have to do and it’s okay.  Of course, I haven’t even begun to work on the beauty supplies I need.  Oh boy.

It’s going to be a long night….xoxox, Brenda