Brenda’s closet. Day 83.

What I am really taking. Why am I making this so hard? Why don’t I take my own advice which has been culled fom dozens of other sources…magazines, wise women, and  world travelers.  Here I am, looking at –Ta-dah!–:

White blouses (sans sleeves–too bulky) — Black pants, leggings — 2 pr boots—Classic pullover cashmere sweaters, 1 dressy sweater (just in case)—1 raincoat 1 windbreaker, 1 leather jacket—Pretty scarves, 2 bags, sunglasses.  That’s it, for nine days.This confirms it…simple is better.  It’s easy, comfortable, affordable, and always right.

I could see my progress in the shrinking piles— rejected clothes are back in the closet, great for work but too- too for a traveler (unless you are a jet setter), or truly rejected and in a bag to be donated.  In the process of getting ready for this trip, I got rid of three pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of boots, 2 pair of itchy leggings, and a lot of underwear…  Bob even tossed out a few things.  I waxed my boots and my mother’s leather coat (it went to London with her, about twenty years ago—she had great style, it still looks great). I think my new haircut was actually spurred by the thought that I didn’t want difficult hair.  Did I tell you I love it?  It’s weatherproof!

I tried on a million things, and came back to my uniform…interesting.  I know what works for me, but in my search to be “just right” on this trip, I got lost.  This has happened to me before–ask Bob–crabby,  pouting, wishing I were ten pounds thinner.  Maybe the lesson learned at last, is that I am who I am, and that’s just fine–no matter where I am.

A trip is supposed to be fun, it has nothing to do with clothes  (unless you’re going to Fashion Week in Paris).

Has anyone found that stupid groundhog?  This is getting tedious…keep smiling, Bren