Brendas closet. Day 84.

I learned some things in getting read for this trip……

My husband is a saint.  I have been spinning and spinning in a thousand directions and sort of muttering  a lot — reaching over him and around him to write yet another sticky note —  not really hearing what he is saying because I’m still reading preparations in my head.

Our daughter is another saint.  She tries so hard to advise us (she has traveled a lot) and to make plans for us – and to find clothes and goodies for me and her dad.  She is my fashion and style consultant and keeps her dad from making bad shoe choices.

I learned, or was reminded that all of the women who make up the staff at the Closet Exchange are loving, smart, beautiful and amazing friends to us.  Their caring ways touch us daily.

Hi,  Bob here.  Brenda is busy finishing packing and she asked me to sign off.  And, as all husbands know, when “she who must be obeyed” speaks all that is left is to obey.

Take care.