Brenda’s closet. Day 85.

We are in London!  This is so extraordinary!  We are not travelers, so the fact that we are here and it happened with no major stress (aside from the packing thing),  is amazing.  We got up at 5AM Wednesday, worked for a while, ran a few last minute errands, madly hemmed a couple pair of pants (we are famous for last minute alterations),and met our plane in Bedford at 10 PM.  Six hours later, dozing and dreaming, we arrived in England at 10 AM their time (5AM your time).  We made our way to London, a 45 minute ride, trying to get a feel for this place.  It’s busy and bustling, the driving is scary, but it’s all so interesting .  It feels like we’re in a movie!  I already love it…Bob is smiling.

Quick takes.  Skinny jeans are so in…everyone, everywhere…including many men! Tons of black clothing…so we feel right at home!  People are thinner than Americans, and they wear their clothes cut narrower—everybody—even the men.  I think they would be cold, not much room for layers.  Narrow streets, tons of traffic, and everybody walks briskly (maybe they are cold ).  They are cordial and helpful…and the accent is so charming.  Still can’t believe we’re here.

We check in to our hotel–it’s lovely.  We can see the Thames from our room!  There are plates of sweets and cookies in our rooms, and everyone is so attentive and polite. They are gracious and welcoming, we are already at ease.  At this point in time, we’ve been up for 24 hours. Our goal is to stay awake until our normal bedtime—10 hours to go–and we’ll enjoy every minute.

We are taken with this place.  Now we know why everyone said it was wonderful.  Love, Brenda