Brenda’s closet. Day 86.

London observations. Chairs are short, beds are tall.  Traffic is fast and heavy, there are no curbs, so stand back.  Traffic also comes in another direction and they make tiny u- turns everywhere because of the one way streets.  Main roads in London are very narrow, I could not drive here (clenched teeth).

Coffee. Americano coffee is not Dunkin Donuts coffee…I can’t explain it, but it’s thicker and it had foam?  We found a Starbucks…better.  Staff in restaurants are well informed, very polite, smile a lot, and are happy to chat!  Nice!  They like Americans.  The cab drivers here have to go to school to be cab drivers…they can tell you about everything in London and get you there quickly or give you the tour with dialogue.  They are proud of their city, very charming and helpful.

It’s beautiful!  There are blocks and blocks of amazing townhouses, similar to our Back Bay, only much older and more incredible! As we were being driven to the British Museum—there right in front of us is Buckingham Palace!!!!  Yes…Buckingham Palace…where the Queen is at home–her flag was flying! I am in awe..after spending my whole life seeing this in pictures and on TV, it’s right here, accessible and real!  On to Harrod’s…what can I say!  If you can think of it, they have it, and it will be the most beautiful, most perfect thing ever!  They have eight rooms of just accessories–purses, jewelry, scarves, etc!!!  Have to go back!!!

There is so much to see just in London.  It’s incredible! We are loving it. xoxo, Bren