Brenda’s closet. Day 87.

We’re back from London!  I actually thought I would write blogs while we were away—silly me.

We had such a wonderful time.  Such a beautiful city, and so nice to have time off with my sweetie.  You were right–we loved everything and every minute!  Now we know why people take vacations–what a revelation!  We would go back in a minute.

Little tidbits.  The clothes I took were perfect (I rarely say that–ask Bob), confirming everything I’ve read and heard about traveling. Yeah! What I took: skinny black pants, a few medium weight sweaters, white blouses, knee high boots, leather jacket, cashmere shawl, raincoat, umbrella, cross-body bag, one dressier jacket, same jewelry every day, some pretty scarves.  The scarves keep you warm and make you feel a little French.  Pretty.  Bob always looked great–he looks like an Englishman-blue eyes, rosy cheeks.  We probably didn’t look like tourists, except for our morning walks to Starbucks, and the fact that I was always taking pictures, or looking up at the wonderful buildings.

Staying with fashion–Brits dress like Bostonians—mostly in darker colors.  Skinny pants everywhere, men and women.  People are generally thinner than Americans, so clothes seem to be cut narrower.  I didn’t see yoga wear anywhere.  Women are pretty (natural)  and men are handsome and trendier .  Women wear their necklines more open, but no cleavage, so it’s very feminine, but not “where do I look?”

There’s so much more to talk about, but another day.  We’re glad we went and we’re glad to be home.  Thanks for keeping an eye on things for us!

We missed you. Love, Brenda