Brenda’s closet. Day 88.

God never blinks, but sometimes he winks.

My daughter , Maggie, was looking for a house to buy for a long, long time.  Many disappointments–so discouraging.  It’s hard to find something affordable and nice. I keep my kids in my prayers all the time, but I was really praying for her to find the right house, and for it to work out for her.  She really deserved it.  It’s so hard to watch your kids struggle with anything, even though you know they’ll work it out in the end.

Then something came along that was so perfect, so awesome—and she got it !  The wink is that her house is a church–a sweet, beautiful, stained glass windows, redone church!  It’s perfect!  Can you believe it?!  Sometimes we just have to have faith and be patient.  Things happen when they’re supposed to happen–even though it may not be in our time frame.

God is watching.  Have faith.  xo, Brenda