Brenda’s closet. Day 89. What do we wear now?

Okay, it’s the middle of April and it’s still yucky and cold, but we all know that when the weather flips (and it will), we’re not going to be ready unless we start thinking ahead.

I am never ready. In fact, that first 70 degree day puts me in a clothing panic that morning.  Poor Bob. Closets opening and closing, drawers slamming, and lots of stomping up and down stairs…that’s me…he’s sitting in the kitchen quietly trying to be invisible.  We’re going to be late, he thinks.  But I know that I’ve got the answer here, just where? or what?  Getting hotter by the minute, hair getting flatter—arrrrgh.  Why do I do this to myself? Owning a clothing store does not make you a guru of clothes—other people’s, yes, but somehow, not my own!  And the really sad part is that this happens every spring!

What do I usually settle on? A pair of skinny  pants (black, of course. Always wear black when in doubt, or in a hurry, or mad), a white blouse with a black tank over it to keep it smooth, and then a very light weight black pullover sweater. (Yes, I do believe in wearing a tank to smooth out edges and bumps and keep layers in place, it also seems to give me hope that I’m in control of something).  Black flats, a little silver and done. Whew.

I do have other options, but at that point I am too late and too crabby to actually think a about adding another color to the mix–maybe red lips?

When I get home that night, I usually have an enormous amount of discarded clothing scattered about, so I put everything away, all the while thinking of what my other options might have been had I planned better…and wondering if a homemade chocolate chip cookie for Bob will make up for all that morning drama.  Probably…

Plan ahead…fewer headaches. Love, Bren