Brenda’s closet. Day 90. I am a Home Goods junkie.

When I go to the store, I usually go with something in mind, but I very seldom focus long enough to find the something I went for.

If I am in a Home Goods in search for an over- the- door coat rack, it’s all over.  Any thoughts of coat racks has flown and I am happily wandering through house goodies, wondering if it’s time to buy sage green bath towels instead of mustard ones, or if that big platter would be pretty on my coffee table (where I could write a blog in the dust).  I think that Martha Stewart still lurks in my subconscious, even though we downsized a long time ago and we are the world’s worst consumers.

I still love little fake topiaries…and the fake books.  I really have a thing for books, but the fake books weigh less, cost less and the bindings are prettier than dust jackets.  Here’s a thought–with the advent of Kindle, Nook, etc.– I think the printed book may become obsolete and all my bookcases will be empty except for those beautiful fakes!  I just love it all.  “Accessories” is my middle name ( I used to be in interior design, just love “stuff”).  I know the current look is very spare…dusty subdued blue, gray, and taupe walls, low neutral couches, brushed nickle lamps.  Not a bookcase in sight, unless it’s filled with a flat screen TV and all the current gadgetry, maybe an occasional piece of art glass, or a perfect piece of coral.  Starting to ramble…

I still love the warmth of wonderful pillows, stacks of books, great treasures clustered on a tray. Three way bulbs, I love the 30-70-100. (Yes, I was the lady talking to the news crew in Home Depot about how I didn’t like the new light bulbs–sheez, what are the odds?) I like warm cozy rooms.  Decorative mirrors collected on a wall, candles, beautiful rugs, shuttered windows.

As long as there’s a Home Goods and wonderful little antique shops, our home will remain a welcoming refuge and the kids will want our stuff!

God bless Martha! Love, Brenda