Brenda’s closet. Day 91.

I watch reality shows…do you?  I had some reality show on in the background the other day while doing something meaningful.  I am not ready to admit I watch any of these shows, however, it is like watching a train-wreck.  You don’t want to watch and yet you have to…holy cow!

I can even pull Bob into watching one for a while–and all the time he is asking me why I watch this junk and commenting on how awful the women are.  He can now recognize false eyelashes, fake hair pieces and extensions, enhanced breasts, botox, and bad injections—all thanks to my powers of observation and concise and accurate comments!  I find it fascinating to watch how the casts have evolved from relatively normal women whose problems were their kids and relationships, to women who’ve had extensive elective surgery and enhancements, shed their significant others, and their kids have disappeared!  The women’s clothing and jewelry have escalated to a ridiculous level and it’s all about them.

I watch because it fascinates me, not because it’s wonderful, but there is a pull to something so alien and over the top! So excessive!  I guess this is what you call a guilty pleasure.  I never know what time it’s on, so I find it at random. It doesn’t require any thought to watch, so you can multi-task.   It’s a lot more entertaining than the news, and unlike the news…I know it’s not real.

Take a moment and look at the moon tonight! awesome!  xoxo, Brenda and Maggie