Brenda’s closet. Day 92. Too much cleavage?

Is there such a thing?  I think so.  People whose cleavage I don’t want to see—my bank teller,  my server in a restaurant, my sales lady in a store, any girls still in middle school or high school, any woman who is a professional anything.

Fashion trends come and go, cleavage is one of them.  It can be very beautiful and drop men in their tracks, but there is a time when it’s okay and then times when it’s questionable.  I worry about our young girls…the images they see everywhere.  Talk to your daughters, set a good example.  Teach them.

Then there is also the male view on cleavage–they love it!  But, they often don’t know where to look.  Choose your time for revealing tops wisely.  Cleavage at lunch probably sends the wrong message or at least a mixed one, and it also could make other women in your group uncomfortable.

This is a god-given gift to women, but you want to use it judiciously.  It’s lovely to feel alluring and desirable, but just not at the grocery store, or in a meeting with your kid’s teacher.

Watch what your kids watch. Take care, Brenda and Maggie