Brenda’s closet. Day 93. $400.00 for a bra?

Have you noticed that there are women on TV with busts that sit just under their chin?  (Yes, it’s mostly on reality shows–what does that mean? Tacky women?  Desperate women?)  Now, I’ve been trying to figure out this engineering miracle—how is this physically possible?  Most of us have a  bustline that is below our clavicle–and midway between our elbow and our shoulder. This is normal.

These women look like they have two balloons glued to the front of their chests. I know that you can buy enhancers called “cutlets” to fill you out,  but to achieve this look requires an entire chicken in each cup!  Then I heard a woman say that one of them had spent $400.00 on a bra to accomplish this!  $400.00!  Ever curious, I googled “$400.00 bra”, and guess what–it’s out there!

I found a site where the cheapest bra was $98.00 and the most expensive was $580.00!!  It’s silk and elastic, not spun gold, and made in Belgium.  The matching panties are $433.00 and the thong is $368.00! (Go to to see for yourself.)  I can’t imagine why anyone would spend this much on underwear—yes, underwear, as in worn under your clothes.  I would want to wear underwear under this underwear to protect it!  So your underwear costs more than your outerwear?  Does this make you feel special?  Does it do something more than support you?  What would that be?

I think for this kind of money, you might want to wear it on top of your clothes, like an accessory!

Well, I won’t be needing one of these, but it’s a comfort to know it’s out there–just in case someone ever asks me.  I like to know.

Knowledge is power. Love you. Brenda and Maggie