Brenda’s closet. Day 94. Hate shorts?

It’s not that we hate shorts, per se, it’s that we hate our legs in shorts.  There are many reasons–wrinkled knees, heavy legs and broken blood vessels  are the main ones.  Here are a few solutions.

Tanning your legs, by any means that works for you, can camouflage these things.  I ‘m not good at keeping up a tan–I’m too lazy–so I opt for clothing solutions.  Maxi dresses are back again this year and I really like the look.  It makes everyone look sleek, elegant, and effortless…and it can hide all kinds of flaws. One step–pop on and you’re done!  Just have pretty toes and sandals.

My staples are long skirts.  I like the soft knit ones or the light cotton.  I like mine to come to the top of my feet (even my ankles have problems), but any length is pretty for summer.  Just find the one that works for you!  Skirts give you lots of options for tops–tanks, tunics, blouses or tees all work.  Just remember, a skirt with lots of fabric looks best with a narrow or more fitted top–it keeps the silhouette slim.  A low belt is an option for controlling fullness.

My other favorite— gauze pants–just light enough to let the breezes cool you, but not too sheer.  Best if fitted in the hips, (they often have elastic waists–as they are also beach wear), and full legs, soft enough to move when you walk–almost palazzos.  Very pretty and cool on a hot day.  Styled like a long skirt, but even easier to manage.

Of course, there are always capris, cropped pants, and leggings, so don’t feel bad about not wearing shorts.  Look at it this way–we’ve moved on to more glamorous options!

Time to start planning—spring is really here!! Yay!! xo, Brenda