Brenda’s closet. Day 95. Hate sleeveless? Some options!

I know we really don’t hate sleeveless things, but they make us think about our arms…and our grandmas.  I see women who have great arms–beautiful arms- firm- hint of muscle- defined.  Looks good, but you have to work at it.  I have too many things to work on, so arms are not at the top of my list.  As long as they work, I am satisfied…until summer comes and I am made aware (regrettably), that I like my arms better when they’re covered.

Here are some tricks that work for me, and might help you out.  Number one–NO ONE CARES–but you. Going forward…

Look for sheer sleeves–still cool, but hide the bits that bother us.

Butterfly sleeves that flutter (good-huh?) from the shoulder and fall over the top of your arm.

Cap sleeves offer a hideaway for that little upper arm problem, but fit close to the body.

Any top that has an extended shoulder, allows fabric to fall over the top of shoulder and upper arm.

Blouses with sleeves–3/4 length or rolled keeps look summery. Wear them open as a jacket.

I have a closet full of shorter light- weight jackets to add to any tank or sleeveless item.

A denim jacket never looks like camouflage–it just looks current.

Get a little tan—it does hide some flaws.

Most of us worry about our arms.  Do what you can and forget about it. No one really cares-just us ( we are too hard on ourselves). Remember, it’s summer and we’re all out there, trying to stay cool, look cool and enjoy the  glorious weather!

By the way, summer models in mags?  Photo-shopped… Love, Brenda