Brenda’s closet. Day 96. A regretful farewell to boots…

Oh, how I hate to pack away my boots.  They were my safety net, my “always works”, looks fabulous with everything, makes everything look great, 10 pounds lighter, 4 inches taller, “I am a fashionista” boots.  Booties, to-the-knee, over- the- knee—all  beautiful–they never failed to make me feel good in my clothes, no matter what I was wearing!  And the most amazing thing about boots, is that they made all of us look gorgeous, current, and confident.  All of us—think about that!  It didn’t matter what kind of shape you had, skinny pants and boots always, always equaled good!

I can’t think of any other article of clothing that does that.  It makes me so sad.  It didn’t matter if you hadn’t shaved your legs, or had a hole in your sock, or if your pants were too short.  No one cared or knew if you needed a pedicure. They made our hips look smaller.  Boots were a miracle–heaven sent.  Less stress dressing. How I’m going to miss my boots.

We are entering the high maintenance season–shaving, tanning, camouflage dressing, the pedicure before you go for a pedicure (don’t want to scare the lady).  I think we need to invent summer boots—do you think this is possible? Let’s start to work on this…maybe linen…a little elastic… attached to a sandal…?

So sad.  Only five months until I can wear them again…Brenda