Brenda’s closet. Day 97. Remember when men dressed up?

I found a picture of my sweetie and me dressed up for a black tie thing–he looks like James Bond! I love a man in a tux.  I love a man in a suit (why I fell in love with Bob, that and the way his hair fell).  I’d be happy to see a man in a crisp white shirt and a tie.  I think you might see one at the bank, unless it’s casual Friday.

What’s happened to us?  More to the point, what’s happened to our men? I have forbidden my daughter to date  with any guy who wears his baseball cap backwards, unless he actually plays baseball.  What about the saggy pants that are falling off their butt?  Do we want to see their undies? Or how about the long, baggy cargo shorts and flip flops–in the winter.  Aah, the shuffle of flip flops sliding down the sidewalk.  Flannel pajama bottoms,,,I saw a guy on his bike the other morning in his jammies…late date? or coming home from a sleepover?  I get college kids in jammies, but grown men wh0 have real jobs and families?

Are men really just giant kids? How would they like it if the women in their lives all dressed in jammies , flip flops, over-sized sweatshirts and uncombed hair? I think maybe that would be the end of the human race as we know it…no more dating or mating?

I think women care—we like to look nice, to be pretty.   I think we like our men to look good, but we don’t say much. Maybe the Closet Exchange will have to have a prom—we can all dress up, and invite our sweeties, just so we can see them handsome and remember how it used to be. Rekindle the flame?

What drew us together is still there…look for it.  Love, Bren