Brenda’s closet. Day 98. Secrets only we know…

Working with a lot of women is so much fun!  We really have a good time. If you’ve shopped here, you know there’s a lot of laughter.

The other day, all of the ladies at  the Closet Exchange were having  clothing problems–all of us.  As we started commiserating with each other, we revealed some pretty funny stuff—I thought you’d enjoy some of these secrets!

Someone told me they liked my belt..then I told them I was wearing two belts! Ha! One to hold up my pants (under my tunic) and then one on top ” for  fashion”!  At that point, another  lady pulled up the back of her jacket and her t-shirt was gathered in a little bunch (like a tail) with a rubberband!  Gales of laughter!  She wanted the front of her shirt to look like it was ruched, so by gathering the fabric in back into a tail, she could manipulate the front into the folds needed.  Brilliant and funny!

I do cut the sleeves off any blouse that I wear under a jacket–less bulk, but I only show this to the ladies I love.  You can cut the cuffs off sweaters and just wear them on your wrists like bracelets if your coat sleeves are too short!

Sweater a little snug? Tuck a couple of pillows into it while wearing it…finish putting on your face and  doing your hair.  Pull out the pillows, and ta-dah–the sweater is just right!  And lastly, sometimes you need two Spanx…it’s better than one!

Women are so amazing–we just know how to makes things work…and have fun with the process. Maybe you have some secrets you’d like to share?

Love you guys! Brenda