Brian’s Thoughts On Your Thoughts,as told to Maggie


It’s hard being Brian sometimes!  I am under constant scrutiny from my public…..I am a dog people!

On the daily I hear: I hate his mohawk.  Whats wrong with his ears? Why is he so skinny?  How did he get so fat?   Oh Wow, you got chubby. Somebody got clipped. He is gonna die sleeping in that window.

All I want to do is be with my family and greet our friends that come to see me, quite often, at work.  I want to sleep in the sunny window and people watch while protecting the town of Needham. I want to freely accept the loving pats and snacks from happy people.  I wish to lean on the calves of those who forgot to say, “Hi” to me.  Sometimes I feel kinda crazy and go to the OTHER window!

I love when my friends tell me they love me.  Tell me I am handsome, soft, sweet, smart and the coolest dog ever!  There is no need to tell me bad things about myself, especially when all I want to do is love you.