Build a beauty spot!

Brenda’s closet.  I’ve taken  over a little spare room in our house for my beauty spot.  My daughter and her friends have “ready” rooms—(love it) same idea but expanded.  My space is just hair and face.  Theirs is hair, make-up, jewelry, and clothes!  It’s such a great idea–it allows you to move out of the main traffic flow–out of the steamy bathroom to a quiet space with your favorite music or TV show.. .good light, counter space and all your stuff!!! What could be better?

I built a little vanity out of odd pieces of furniture, so it just fits in front of a window–I like to see the birdies and work my magic in daylight.  The girls invented their own work spaces too–jewelry hung on lamps and hooks, make-up arrayed on trays, baskets and dishes, and nice big mirrors!  Lots of music–room to dress–shoe storage (this can be huge)–and a place to sit!  It’s a sweet idea.  It gives you a serene, pretty, girly, comfortable place to get ready for the day.  No searching for the tools and paraphernalia–it’s all there, just where you left it!  It’s your space!

Try this.  Your day will begin so much better.  Love, Bren and Maggie