Dog Osmosis

I want to let you all in on a little secret….

Us dogs have what some may call “super powers” or “dog magic.”  We are nothing but love and promise.  We try our best to be everything that you need at any given moment.  We also can read your minds!  We know when you are thinking about going for a walk with us before you even consider getting off of the sofa.  We also know when you are thinking of giving us some of that pizza crust!  We also know when you are sad or broken…

My Mom, Maggie,  has been dealing with a bit of a broken head.  One day after work, we were driving home when some lady rear ended our car!  The crunch shook up Mom’s brain and now she tends to hurt more often now.  I can’t make her soup or rub her head, but I can use dog osmosis to will her better.  I lay on, over and around her head all of the time now. I must touch her head even while we are sleeping.  She might not realize it, but I am going to make her better.  I show off my squeaky animal tossing skills and even clean up her crumbs.  I do it all to make her happy and I think its working 🙂

Written by Maggie, as dictated from Brian the dog.

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Vertically Challenged….Thats Me

It ain’t easy being 17 inches tall!  Daily life is a challenge when most things rest far above you.  Sure I have a great sense of smell, but sometimes I like to see what I’m smelling too.  Since we moved into our new home and have finished adjusting, I can say that there is one glaring problem with this place……I can’t see out of a single window!!!  Every single window in this place is so high up there that even if I sit on the very back of the sofa I can only see the very tops of trees and a bit of sky.

My Mom, Maggie, decided to resolve the problem and built me my very own doggy viewing deck!  She added some safety railings, a plush blankie and a mile long carpeted ramp.  I can now see the whole neighborhood and get some fresh air when she opens the window!



The ramp was a very tricky thing to master, but with Mom offering cheese along the whole way I managed.


Written by Maggie, as dictated by Brian the dog.

Fake Plastic Trees and Squeakies Please

I have been recovering from the holidays and apologize for my disappearance.  My family LOVES Christmas more than bacon and potatoes!  Our house was all decked out with every kind of glitter, sequin, twinkle light, and evergreen.  My personal favorite thing is the gigantic stocking that every year appears chock full of new baby dolls and squeaky toys!

This year everyone came to our house and we cooked and ate and watched funny movies. It was the best! Everyone snuggled with me on the sofa and everyone was more than generous with the table scraps too.  I even got dressed for the event…..



Written by Maggie, as dictated from Brian the dog.

What Changes Abound, by Maggie and Brian

Take a look around folks! The air is crisp and the leaves are tumbling down!

A million new things to see every day.

A million new  scents to find with each new breeze.

Crunching leaves beneath my paws, look Mom! I am R-U-N-N-I-N-G!

Oh favorite green shrub in the far corner of the yard…..where are your flowers of pink and white?

Oh “Hi” neighbor, now that the fence is bare.

A change is coming, just look at my nose! Once blackest of black, now a pale shade of pinky tan.

“Winter is coming” its a Stark thing! 😉



Written by Maggie, as dictated from Brian the dog.

The Strangest Thing Happened


Last night we sat on the front porch.

Snuggled in blankets.  Mom with her hot coffee and big book to read….a thriller by Stephen King.

Winds a whipping and leaves a swirling.

Purple and orange twinkle lights up high on the door.

Ghouls and witches painted black through the glass.

Something is different tonight and it’s tough to tell, but people aren’t people after 5pm.

Evening light is fading and the sidewalks are buzzing.

Laughter and calls to friends from yard to yard.

What is coming down that hill and from behind that wall?

Strangers approaching right up my steps!

Glittering and flashing. Some even in masks!

What strange magic is this?!

Changing people to creatures of every type. You smell the same, but oh, what a fright!

“Trick or Treat”  they yelled from house to house.

“You’re giving THEM candy?!” She has gone mad.

They ran away as creepy as they came,

a strange night indeed.


Written by Maggie, as dictated from Brian the dog.


Furry Critters Hate Rain!


I despise the rain, and the puddles, and the mugginess, and the misty off cast from windy rain, and the lightning and its terrible friends THUNDER.  My feet are wet and my hair is frizzy.  Apparently I smell “like a wet dog” after the rain whatever that means!  I have the amazing talent of holding in my potty needs for an entire day if it is gross outside….even when my people are standing the rain saying, “Come on Buddy! Its not gonna get any better. Just come outside real quick.”

Yucky days are meant for snuggling under blankies with my humans, with belly rubs and the occassional potatoe chip.   If it is realllllly hot and I look sad enough, Mama gives me a doggie ice cream in a jadeite tea cup to “cool off”.  We have a HUGE moving fan to cool us while we watch those tv shows with screaming housewives.  Sooooo many angry people on tv.

Let’s take a nap…

Brian’s Thoughts On Your Thoughts,as told to Maggie


It’s hard being Brian sometimes!  I am under constant scrutiny from my public…..I am a dog people!

On the daily I hear: I hate his mohawk.  Whats wrong with his ears? Why is he so skinny?  How did he get so fat?   Oh Wow, you got chubby. Somebody got clipped. He is gonna die sleeping in that window.

All I want to do is be with my family and greet our friends that come to see me, quite often, at work.  I want to sleep in the sunny window and people watch while protecting the town of Needham. I want to freely accept the loving pats and snacks from happy people.  I wish to lean on the calves of those who forgot to say, “Hi” to me.  Sometimes I feel kinda crazy and go to the OTHER window!

I love when my friends tell me they love me.  Tell me I am handsome, soft, sweet, smart and the coolest dog ever!  There is no need to tell me bad things about myself, especially when all I want to do is love you.



A Dog With Drive

car bri

I ruv going for rides with my Mama. I have at least two car rides every day!! I have a sweet car seat that doesn’t slide around when we turn and boosts me at perfect window height. We listen to the radio with the windows open. Mama drinks her iced coffee and laughs at the voice on the radio. Usually I get the last three bites of Mama’s breakfast in the car too….so now my seat is always filled with crumbs.

We drive through a million towns to get to work everyday.  I smell a bazillion different smells out the window.  I see cows, goats, chickens, rabbits, dogs, cats, lots of horses, sheeps, and birdies.  My ears flap in the air and I stretch my neck out the window to take it all in. Stop lights always catch me off guard and make me almost fall every time. When the light goes green Mama always tells me to “Hold On” and I do my best to brace myself for lift off.

Cars make me happy.  I am the co-pilot paid in snacks and love.  I do a good job.


Brian, as told to Maggie

Brian Walking In The Park, in his words…

Strollers rolling, babies squeaking, binkies dropping.

Forgotten ice cream cone on the ground a million ants’s new home.

Pick up your poo!  You other bad dogs!  Yuck Yuck.

Softball season, soccer soon, kiddos running.

Fire hydrant, my old friend.

Blue trash can, how ya been?

Swings swinging, birds hopping on the ground,

Random basketball….I will not pee on you.

Fence, fence, pool, bench, bench, bench, tree, crosswalk

Back to work for me!