What Brian’s Ears Hear


My eyes are closed, but I am here.

Half awake, constant clanking of plastic and metal on hangers.

Nodding off I hear the phones ring, “Hello this is Maggie at the Closet Exchange…”

Laughing with smiles, door chimes clinging, one eye open I see you.

Fading back to a sleepy haze

“What a sleepy dog he is”  I hear you lady, I am still here.

“20 items, all on hangers, First and Last Name,Phone Number and number of items” rocking me to sleep.

Do I hear car keys?!  Time to go home….



Brian’s Foot Fetish

Brian is a small beast, never daunted by other’s sizes.  Although he has become an expert in feet!  Being so close to the ground, he is always aware of where we are. He is careful to not be stepped on but also knows that if he lays ON your feet that, even in sleep, he will be alerted of your movement.  Feet on the move also hold the opportunity for adventure!  We might be going to the park or to work to see our friends. The sky’s the limit when feet are a movin’!

photo (1)

Brian’s A Nudist?!

We all have an “off” switch. Something that quiets the mind and feeds the soul.  For Brian, its being “naked”! No jingles, no collar, no leash.  Simply naked and sleeping on the couch.  Not being dressed for the day, lets Brian know that its okay to be lazy and that everything is okay.


photo (2)photo (3)

It’s All In The Do

Brian is a bit of a fashion plate…..I mean he DOES work in women’s clothing retail after all!  So he like to express his many sides through his hair dos. Here is an assortment of his glamorous looks….enjoy!

photo (5) photo (6) photo (4)

You’re My Best Friend

Everyone needs a best friend!  Brian was a loner for a looong time, but mostly because he has just come to terms with the fact that he is a dog, not a person.  When we moved in the new house, Maggie Coffey moved into the rear apartment with her dog HotDog.



They became fast friends!  Now when we are at home and outside, Brian makes a B line for HotDog’s door and will sit there and wait patiently for hours sometimes.

Are you in there?


They even have sleep overs!

Stay in your Corner

Brian’s New Day


(Picture by Melanie Ludlow of  MLu Photography)

Every day I wake up to this cute, little, fluffy, white lump of joy and his name is Brian.  He is the best dog in the universe!  Chances are pretty good that you have seem him in the stores, perched on a chair or sunbathing in one of our many store windows.  He is the epitome happiness each and every day!

He loves coming to work with me every day. We wake up early and as I get ready for work he dozes on the bed.  Once I put my shoes on Brian knows that it is time to get in the car and he bounds up the stairs and wags frantically at the door. From the occasional nose out the car window to greeting all of the family and staff each morning…..he is happy. I can look at Brian and feel this great sense of peace and love for that is all that he is.  Things weren’t always great for Brian though.

A number of years ago Brian appeared on my front porch on a lazy Sunday morning.  Although wagging, he was not the Brian we know today.  Someone had been very mean to Brian along the way.  He was frightened of men, starving and covered in sores.  I spent all day with him in the yard and walking around town to find his people. It was a mystery.  I placed ads online, contacted every resource I could think of and no one came forward.  We adopted each other and started working together that very week!

Brian is my constant companion as well as a constant reminder that even if things stink today, tomorrow is a fresh start.  He awakes overjoyed for each new day…every day. Be happy.