Denim care-tips and tricks

How to minimize fading.  Machine wash inside out in cold water to which you’ve added a capful of white vinegar.  Then put 1 to 2 tablespoons of salt in the final rinse.-Rosella Guiliani, creative director of Gap 1969 Denim

How to freshen up jeans if you just want to deodorize your denim without washing (to maintain the creases and color), place it in a Ziploc bag and leave in the freezer for a week! -Chantel Valentene, creative director of Resin.

How to wash white denim. Avoid using chlorine bleach, which can lead to yellowing.  Pretreat dirty spots with a stain stick and then wash in a mild detergent.-Jeff Rudes, founder and CEO of J Brand.

What is the “rise”?  This is the material that extends from the waist to the crotch on a pair of pants.  The shorter the zipper, the lower the rise.  Mid rise is at your navel, high rise is at your waist.

If you can see the outline of the pockets through your jeans, they’re too tight.

Confused by all the styles available?  Try a bootcut jean.  They are flared at the hem and are flattering on every shape.  They balance out the hip and when long enough (no more than 1/2 inch from the floor at the heel)  make the legs long, long!

Colors and washes.  Almost every wash is available today–so experiment.  A dark uniform wash is more polished–can go anywhere with the right shoes and top.

Jeans remain a staple for all of us.  It’s kind of comforting isn’t it?

Take care.  Be good to yourself.  Brenda and Maggie