Let’s talk about pants…

It seemed for a while, that all we saw on women was yoga clothes, or athletic wear, and skinny jeans.  Funny how we get used to a look and even adapt to it ourselves.  (By the way, BIG tip-Look at yourself from the back before you leave the house in all those tight pants.  Unless you are actually going to work out, you might want to wear a longer sweater or jacket to cover your butt-not always our best asset).

Anyway—I have come to like all these styles, but find I need to modify it to have it work.  I almost always need a longer top or tunic to make it work.  If you are a stick, you can pull off anything, but if you are like the rest of us–you have to make adjustments to achieve a look.

Practice in front of a full length mirror.  If you love a look, be honest with yourself and keep working with it until you like.  You can do it!  Believe it or not, today’s styles require more work!  Take care, Brenda

The dying bunny…

This was so sad and yet, part of the circle of life.  I am glad we were here to help, even though I cried for two days.

Bob and I noticed an old, frail rabbit sort of laying under our bird feeder eating sunflower seeds one evening.  You could see he was fading.  He was still there when we went to bed.  In the morning we looked out and he had moved about four feet into the flower bed.  He was laying stretched out on his stomach, like he was flying.

We thought he was gone, so Bob went out to bury him. When he touched him, he lifted up his head, just his head.  I’m crying  and Bob came in and we decided to move him to a more secluded spot (I couldn’t stand the thought of a hawk standing over him). Bob covered the bunny with a dish towel so he stayed quiet and carried him to a green fern bed in the back behind a stone wall. He laid him down and took off the towel.  His eyes were open, but he was still.  I watched as Bob gently stroked him for a minute or two, and then satisfied that he was okay, Bob came in and went to work.

I could not go to check on him -what could I do? In the evening, he had passed, but was still resting peacefully.  Bob buried him.  Just sad.  Life is so fragile…

We are a family business…

We are local, in your town, your neighborhood, for 14 years!!  We have provided you with great customer service, and wonderful ever-changing products. We donate to over four women’s charities on a weekly basis.  We donate gift cards and purchase ads to any church, temple, school or organization that asks us.  We are here seven days a week.  We know you and you know us. We care about you.  We are invested in Needham!!

We are also a part of a dying breed.  We need your support to survive.  “Shop Local” is not just a phrase–it makes sense. Shop where you live! Help your downtown to thrive!  Give us a chance to take care of you!  We can give you what you want or need with a smile, a great price and you didn’t have to leave town!!

Thank you for your support! xoxo, Brenda

Big, oversized winter coats are in this year!

They’re cut big enough to fit over a blazer or a giant fisherman knit sweater! This can be very practical, since they’ll fit over anything, but they can also overwhelm you.  They are not fitted.  If you wear dainty shoes, you will look totally out of proportion.  A big coat, in most cases, needs pants, heavier shoes or boots.

I wouldn’t invest a huge amount- unless you are buying a classic like a Max Mara camel hair ( been around for 30 years!). Your mom might have one you could borrow!  Still classy!  If you’re going to try it- remember, wear it like you own it!

At any rate, be prepared, it’s a look you’re going to see.  Some women will pull off beautifully!  If you’e tempted to try, study them first and try on in front of full length mirrors,

It’s tricky sometimes!?  xoxo, Brenda

Do you shop both sides of the street? You should!!!

We have had stores on both sides of the street for years! If you don’t go to all of our stores when you are here, then you’re missing out on half of what makes us special!! You have missed hundreds of things you would have loved, simply because you couldn’t cross the street!!

It’s not about price–it’s about making the shopping easier for you,  It would be overwhelming if everything was all in one store.  We have a clearance store and an intake store, but the other two stores are new inventory every day!!  One is what we all wear everyday–brands we know and love.  The other store is the smaller labels…items that are more unusual, a little funkier, more boutique, things that make you feel special!  Still everyday clothes, just with a little something extra!  Always worth a look!

Pricing is the same in both stores.  There are always markdowns and always new things!!  All you have to do is walk across the street. You already paid the meter, get you quarter’s worth!  You’ll be glad you did.  Trust me- try it once and you’s get it!  You’ll be glad you did, especially when your friend asks you where you got that amazing top!!

There’s a reason we’ve been voted best in the region for 11 years…love you, Brenda

Why I shop at the Closet EXchange!

I sell my things here and I buy things here!  I love having store credit!  I like that I love the clothes that I buy here–awesome things!!

It’s wonderful to find something perfect for me and I didn’t have to go to the mall and try on dozens of things and hope I find something. If there’s nothing today, the odds are pretty good that it will  happen tomorrow…after all, we add hundreds of things everyday!

I don’t get first pick because we put out so much stuff daily, that it can take me a couple of days to see it all!  And then there’s the moment when a customer brings up something absolutely wonderful and in my breaking heart, I’m thinking “I LOVE this”, but I missed it and she found it.  That’s what it’s all about.

If you’re smart enough to join the hunt–you deserve to win!  (Besides, maybe she’ll consign it one day and I”ll have another chance!)

Be kind. Brenda

Sunglasses-we spent $1.85 billion in one year!!!

Wow!! Hard to believe.  is this because we all want to look like celebrities?  Because sunglasses look cool in selfies? Because we didn’t get enough sleep-didn’t put on eye makeup-just hiding a few wrinkles-or maybe even to protect our eyes?

I think it’s mostly to hide something.  Of course, there is the glamour aspect.  Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, and all the Kardashians, and everyone in LA and NYC.  We all want to be glamorous and polished without a lot of work.  Sunglasses are a great solution.  Maybe that’s why sales are so high.  It’s an affordable way to add a little dash of mystery and class.

Then there is the label factor.  Do we really notice if your sunglasses are Gucci or Chanel?  Can we tell if they are fake or real? Does it matter?  I think sales may be huge because we tend to lose our sunglasses…car roofs, store counters, dressing rooms, restaurant tables and of course…sitting on them..

Have a happy day. xo, Brenda

Do you know the difference between resale and retail?

50% off the price in retail stores is NOT the same as 50% off in our stores.

In consignment (or resale), our first price is less than 50% off in retail.  We start at 60% to 80% off, so you are already getting a fabulous price!  That $100 sweater starts at $33.  It’s a steal at our first price and it’s not shopworn or leftover or damaged.  It’s perfect…we only accept perfect items.

Yes, it’s pre-owned, but that usually means just that–someone else bought it first, but may never have worn it, it didn’t fit, color was wrong,  bad style, gift from an old boyfriend…  Resale gives us all a chance to upgrade our wardrobe without guilt!  Just a smile on our face, money in our pocket and a treasure in our bag!!!

Life is good! xo, Brenda

Hi sweeties, my brain is working again!

And I’ve missed sharing with you!

After working everyday for 14 years, this recovery time has given me time to observe and think…all my clothes are black, gray, or white!  Any of you could have told me that, but laying in bed, looking at my closet really brought it home-haha.

Then I realized and accepted that I will never give up black.  It’s so simple, always works, and it’s the perfect canvas!  What makes our look memorable is the pop—a piece of jewelry, a scarf, or jacket, or even the cut of what we’re wearing!  If it works for you, stick with it.

“When consistency meets conviction, style happens.”  Carolina Herrera.

Style is a good thing!  Find yours and it simplifies your life!! Yay!

Love you guys, xoxo, Brenda


2016-10-10-11-37-45Gratitude for all your prayers, wishes, thoughts, cards, tokens, treasures, notes, flowers and messages.  All these things mean so much to me.  I can never thank you all enough.  I am blessed…

It worked!! I am well and look forward to seeing all your beautiful faces in the coming days…

Amen… and thank you, Brenda