2016-10-10-11-37-45Gratitude for all your prayers, wishes, thoughts, cards, tokens, treasures, notes, flowers and messages.  All these things mean so much to me.  I can never thank you all enough.  I am blessed…

It worked!! I am well and look forward to seeing all your beautiful faces in the coming days…

Amen… and thank you, Brenda

Dear beauties, a thank you!

2016-10-10-11-37-45Thank you so much for all the cards and flowers, prayers and wishes for  my recovery.  They all mean so much to me.  They make me strong!  They make a difference.  You are all so dear to me…

I am feeling much better and almost to the end of my recovery.  I have missed all of you so much, but I should be back soon.  We’ll have lots of time to catch up!

All my love, Brenda


Hi Beauties, need help for Mother’s Day gifts?

We can do it!  First of all–take 20% off all full price jewelry, costume to fine, at our 906 Boutique store and our 931 Mall store, Friday and Saturday, May 6th and 7th!  You know we have tons of jewelry!!

We also have the perfect gift—a Closet Exchange gift card!  No fee– any amount–good forever at any of our stores and refillable.  We’ll even put it in a pretty bag for you (no charge).  It’s a sure thing!  Available at our 906 Boutique store. It only takes a minute!!

We also have great bags and accessories in every price range and anything else you can think of..and we’re happy to help you!  Why leave Needham?

We will be closed on Sunday to spend Mother’s Day with our family!  Have a wonderful day.  Love, Brenda and Maggie

Clearance Sale at our Last Chance store!!!

Hey Beauties!!

It’s time for spring cleaning–so–take an EXTRA 10% off EVERYTHING  at our Last Chance store at 925 Great Plain Ave. this Fri., Sat., and Sun–April 8th,9th, and 10th!

Remember, this includes labels like Theory, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Kate Spade, Armani, Tahari, St. John, J. Crew, Eileen fisher, Talbots, Ralph Lauren, and hundreds more–every brand we take!! You take an extra 10% off our already ridiculously low price!  Jewelry too!

Every now and then, you just have to clean the closet, and you can help us do the job!  It will be fun–bring a friend or two!  Don’t forget to check out all the new spring arrivals at our other two stores!

See you soon. xoxo, Brenda and Maggie

Winter Clearance

Winter clearance—are we sure? Nope—- but we can hope! So we’re moving all the winter wear out–with your help.

Take 50% off all winter at 906 and 931 Great Plain Avenue stores–(remember that 50% off means that $100 sweater is now about $15.00)

We need to make room for the spring things that are starting to pour in.

Its so wonderful to see the dark of winter clothes give way to the white, pinks, lavender and blues of spring.

By the way, take 10% off all these new goodies and all full price items including jewelry and the new prom gowns!

Sale starts Friday, March 11th and continues until the winter is gone!

Take care,

Prom- an exciting red carpet event or a stressful fashion meltdown?

These beauties are just starting out— so young and pretty—and their expectations are so high.  The standards are unreal  and, for most, unreachable at this age.  Yet, here it is— PROM!2016-02-25 13.52.432016-02-25 13.52.34

We all  remember proms from our past—horrific hairdos, dresses we’re embarrassed to recall, pimply dates in ill fitting tuxes—I still cringe…But, looking back, the girls who looked best, confident and comfortable, were the ones who knew themselves and what worked for them.

To help you out, we have opened a pop up store full of brand new, current gowns and dresses form “Simply Fancy”, a local boutique at our 902 store.  We opened last weekend and the response was so good that we decided to do it again this Sat. and Sun.  The women working there know what they’re doing–they’re great!2016-02-25 13.52.39

Our other stores will all be carrying gowns and dresses suitable for prom for several weeks!  We are very fussy, so what we sell is perfect, and often new with tags!  The only difference is that you are getting a beautiful piece at 1/3 of the original price or less!  We also have all kinds of prom accessories.

We want their prom experience to be as wonderful as they all hope…Come and see us—we remember!

The winter/spring clothing conundrum…

2014-01-23 11.33.34cae34a19-6f21-437f-9d54-9124b3d5c420-largeor, how weather makes us crazy!

We’re sweltering on the sunny side of the street and chilly on the shady side.  We see guys in shorts and flipflops in February.  We have a primordial fear of the word ” snow” after last winter!

I’m afraid of black ice, so I wear my heavy snow boots in the morning and carry my stylish ones in a bag. I leave home in a down coat and am dying in a cashmere sweater by 3 P.M.  This craziness has to stop!!  Why do we live here-in a climate that is so changeable?  We should so totally all move to San Diego!!  But where’s the challenge in that?  Give up our New England hardiness?  The ever-changing weather—unpredictable and crazy making?

Hence—our “tired of winter–waiting for spring” sale!  Let’s just celebrate our quirkiness and ability to adapt!  Pull on those big boots and wear a soft pink angora tank under that puffy coat!  Paint your nails Caribbean blue and be comforted by the fact that we’re all in this together–and the Closet Exchange has your back!

Don’t worry–be happy!  Love, Brenda  and Maggie




Closet Exchange is not corporate.

2015-08-08 17.15.59We are a family owned and operated group of consignment stores all based in Needham Center.  We’ve been here more than 13 years and are vested in this town!  This is our livelihood.  We care everyday about what happens in our stores—how they look, what we sell, how we treat our customers, consignors, and staff.  We appreciate your support.

We also care about Needham.  However, the retail stores in Needham seem to be disappearing.  We need your help.  Shop local. Tell your friends about us.  Leave a great review on Yelp.  Share us with your friends on Facebook.  Book a private shopping night for your Mom’s group–it’s free! Do the same for your yoga class, or your book club!

We understand buying on- line is fast and easy, but we also know and understand how nice it is to shop with a friend in a great store.  To have that quiet quality time—to actually see and touch beautiful things–to try them on.  To unplug and tune out for a little while and just be you….

Thank you, Brenda and Maggie
2015-08-10 16.33.47

Snap out of it!!!

We’ve eaten everything in sight for a couple of months and now we regret it, but still don’t have the will power to stop…winter is hard.  I know that most of my clothes won’t fit  the way I like, but I do still have to dress.  So, I poke through my closet and pick the things that usually work.  We all have a few fallback outfits.  Mine is leggings or tights with tall boots–the bottom is the easy part.  I find a couple of sweaters, of course black, that are loose fitting. This hides my waist and tummy as it skims to my hips.  This always works,  Platform or wedge boots add height to stretch us out even more.

Think of yourself as a column of black–lithe and elegant,  or maybe French!  Oui!!  All French women seem to be slender, even the round ones.  Is it the accent, or a frame of mind?

Want more illusion or coverage? Top off with a fun fur vest, or  a great swing coat or jacket and you’ll look perfect!  Don’t forget to smile–a grim face adds pounds and years!!2015-11-04 14.44.252016-01-07 10.39.51