Brain break!

Shopping with us is a mental exercise.  Shopping requires all your attention, so your mind enters a quiet focused zone.  It’s stress relief, quiet time.  It’s fun, very creative and ultimately sooo rewarding!

We’re happy to let you shop in peace for as long as you like—after all–it requires total concentration since it is a hunt!!

Besides, we love seeing you!  xoxo, Brenda

How to make that full jacket or sweater work.

If you’re topping off your outfit with a long sweater or a swing coat, belt what’s underneath.  All that’s visible will be the buckle and that’s enough to finish the look- polish it.   It keeps any bulk from the underneath pieces narrow and close to your body,   No one will know if there’s a little back fat or edges and you will look long, sleek, slim and polished!! practice this…xo

Tools to maintain your stuff-shoes polish sponges.

People notice your shoes. They need to look well maintained, not dusty and dirty with water stains. They hold up better if you polish them.  These little sponges are the size of the palm of your hand–self contained with sponge and polish!  Available in black, brown and clear.  Takes off dust, dirt, and water marks and leaves a shine!! Available at CVS, Walgreens, and Target.


xoxo, Brenda

Tools to maintain your stuff- sweater stone.

The sweater stone is a fabulous light weight brick of pumice.  We use it on all our cashmere and flat wool sweaters if they’re pilled.  You just gently stroke the stone over your sweater and the pills are gently removed.  It does not snag or pull or make holes-better than anything we have tried!  They are availabe at our 906 store for $10.  It will last for a couple of years.  If you have cashmere sweatrs, you absolutely need one of these!

xoxo, Brenda

Tools to maintain your stuff- silver clothes.

We use these on all our sterling silver jewelry.  It’s a little cloth treated with silver polish.  It comes in it’s own plastic tube to keep it from drying out.  Buff your jewelry with this and it removes the tarnish! buff again with an old washcloth to remove any residue and your jewelry will always look like new and not leave those black marks on your skin and clothes.  Store in a zip lock bag or it’s own tube to keep from drying out.Available at our 906 stores for $5.  Small things make a difference!!

xoxo, Brenda

Do you notice the brand of things you buy?

That label can help you identify things that you know and like and that consistently fit you.  If you buy a pair of Paige jeans, love the cut and fabric, look for them again.  Theory cuts very narrow in the hip and seat, so if you have a boyish shape, try them.  Need jeans with a higher rise?  Try Not Your Daughters Jeans (NYDJ)!

When something works for you, notice the label.  Just remember, sometimes it’s not right even if  it’s the label you like.  At the end of the day…you have to love it!!

Buy this- Nailtique for fragile nails.

This is a clear nail polish that is a treatment for nails that are soft or split and break.  Buy “Formula Two” of Nailtique.  I put on a coat every night for a week.  Peel off at the end of the week and start again.  It’s $25. for a bottle, but lasts for a couple months and your nails will amaze you!  Your nails look like you had a manicure and they are so strong!  You’ll have to file them down.  You know I use my hands all the time and I love this stuff.  It works and costs less than a manicure!!  xoxo.

How to get those white spots off your rubber boots- yay!

Rubber boots (like Hunter) can get white spots.  It’s called “bloomimg”.  Here’s the fix. Wash the boots first with soapy water , wipe off and let dry.  Then wipe on a good amount of olive oil with a microfiber cloth and rinse with warm water. dry.  This should do it.  (According to Hunter).  Worth a try, cuz washing doesn’t work…

Do you know what consignment is?

-It means we sell your things for you, and you get cash or store credit!  It’s not thrift.  It’s a great way to recycle or even better–upcycle!  Make an appointment for your first visit and learn how it works.  It’s easy and painless.

The better your stuff, the better you’ll do!  We’ll help you.  You can clean out your closet and upgrade your wardrobe for a fraction of what it would cost in -the real world!! It’s green , it’s fun, and SO smart!!  Just call 781-449-7344, or stop in for the info!  See you soon,

Brenda and Maggie

It’s not about what something costs…

2016-01-27 15.31.02It’s about how wonderful or beautiful it makes you feel!  It’s about how much you love it and how you look in it!  Gap or Gucci—doesn’t matter.  It’s all about you!!  These are Sanctuary and Alberta Ferretti vests…both great!2016-01-27 15.32.51