Have you tried Eileen Fisher clothing?

Eileen Fisher makes quality clothing, primarily knits, that will fit into anyone’s wardrobe. Perfect for mixing it up!  Well-made and forgiving, depending on the style you choose. They are great for any age woman .  If you haven’t looked at our Eileen Fisher selection, you are missing something worth trying.  Always a large selection from XS to XL, always at about 1/3 of the retail price!  I really recommend giving this a try.  You’ll be surprised!

How to get rid of the pills on your sweater.

Buy a sweater stone!  We carry them and we use them all the time—on sweaters–coats or pants –anything that pills.   Just brush very gently and the pills just shed off, no snagging or pulling and your sweaters look and feel like new!  You will need to vacuum when you’re done–these things really work!!  Awesome!!

Don’t forget gloves—The finishing touch!

leather_gloves_crystal_stud_1_Lwedding-so-prettyGloves are something we forget–I lose them all the time.  They fall off my lap when I get out of the car–I leave a trail of them all over Needham!  However–I like how I look when I wear them.  I look finished–like a grown up!  And they do keep may hands warm.

When you see a woman on the street wearing a pair of gloves–real ones– leather or embellished–you notice.  She looks polished, smart and in control—like she actually left her house ready for the day–not flying out the door while still getting dressed.

Invest in a pair and try them out.  You’ll be surprised.  Warm hands and a polished fashion statement that costs very little.  Please–no idiot strings!

Cropped tops–hmmm?

Shades of “Hooters” and “Daisy Dukes”?  The trick is to look current and sporty, not like you’re desperately looking for a date.  Don’t show too much. The fashion trend is to wear a cropped top with a high waisted skirt or pants.  No cleavage at the same time please–and probably best if you have no edges or bits hanging out…

Do we have to wear skinny jeans?

No–we all wear denim–jeans almost always work–but you don’t have to wear skinnies to be current.  Some of us find skinny jeans to be uncomfortable, not flattering and sometimes-inappropriate.  We do have choices.

The boyfriend jeans are very current–they are a looser cut.  They look great with a rolled cuff or not, with a fitted or structured jacket and top-or a great sweater!  Bootcut jeans are still universally the most flattering–especially if you have hips–the proportion is right!  They make your legs look six feet long–and they can be career clothes. Don’t limit your choices–all are good! xoxo, b.

How to mix prints? Babette and Piazza Sempione!

2014-04-16 16.54.22

A popular trend–but you don’t want to look like you got dressed in a dumpster in the dark!  Mixing prints can be tricky–so start slow.  Mix one print in two different colors and pair it with a solid color… like a small floral print tank in blue and the same print in pale green in a shirt, wear with dark denim skinnies! You did it!  Try two different color plaids with the same size pattern, or two small graphic prints in different colors. Wear it with a solid for the third piece.  It’s a great look- but not bag- lady crazy…although there is an appeal to that too–it just requires courage!

Our choice here—a large simple floral print with a muted tiny print skirt–looks great.  Shirt by Wolfort-$43.; Babette skirt-$73.  Our other choices: Babette skirt- $93.; Piazza Sempione blouse-$245.; Beverly Feldman purse-$88.; Oscar de la Renta flats-$66.

You can do it! love, Bren and Maggie

Subtle mixed prints!

Subtle mixed prints!

Pastels work great with black!

Any pastel worn with black looks really pretty and current. It allows us to use all the black we have in our closets (obviously a Boston thing).  It keeps you from looking like Little Bopeep–and pops the color!  Elegant and effortless!

How to mix your pieces!

Mix your textures–a nubby sweater with a straight leather skirt.

A neon bright fake fur scarf with your tweed jacket.

Mix your shapes. Remember, a bulky piece needs a close fitting piece for balance, and to keep you from being overwhelmed.

Mix classic pieces with edgy pieces–a classic white shirt and sweater topped with a moto jacket.

Short sweaters over a longer tee, or a dress.

Mix prints and plaids, but keep the scale and colors complimentary.

Repurpose your summer pieces, experiment with layering.

Roll up sleeves, totally changes the look.  Add scarves, rolled or knotted.

Be brave.  If you always wear that jacket with that blouse, mix it up! Add a sweater or a vest to the mix…more layers, more interesting!

Play in your closet…dressing should be fun!  . xoxo, Bren

Fashion tricks to hide your flaws #3. Fool the eye!

Yes, you can create the illusion of being taller and slimmer.  Here are a few never- fail tips!  I use these whenever I have the blahs, or just feel that nothing looks right–Chinese food, too many pizzas, just plain tired, stressed, bad hair…bad day…It’s a lot of work to be a woman!  I think my mom said that, but I was probably not paying attention, because my outfit wasn’t working!

1.  Never wear anything that’s too tight!  It just makes edges and rolls, and it doesn’t fool anyone… It just makes you more self -conscious.  If you are fussing and pulling and rearranging your clothes all the time, it’s not working. Give it up and start over with something you know always works, even if it’s your favorite jeans.  It’s good to have a fall-back outfit.

2.  The fall-back outfit. Mine is always black leggings or narrow pants, some kind of boot, a hip length black sweater, or a black tunic . I’m black from chin to floor—the profile is narrow, but skimming the body, nothing grabbing.  Sometimes I add a white collar peeking out , or a scarf, or a ton of silver jewelry.  You can do this with a simple dress, dark tights—or a skirt and sweater with dark tights–navy works, or brown—you pick ! The trick is to have the clothes just fall straight, nothing tucked in or belted, all one color.  This works for everyone!  Practice making this outfit.  Have a couple of variations.

3.  Invest in shapewear!  Women may not talk about it, but all the best dressed ones know this is key!  If what’s under your clothes doesn’t fit, what you put over won’t fit!  There are things out there that can smooth the back fat, trim the love handles and the muffin top, make your bust look less or more or higher, that can lift your butt, make your waist smaller, make your hips trimmer and tighter. Find something that smoothes your torso and one that smoothes your hips and butt…wear them together….they make separate pieces so you can build what works for you!  It  does work, and it makes a difference! You stand up straighter—feel more put together…really!

4.  Wear a heel.  Simple, but a litle extra height stretches out the body. Any kind of shoe that gives you a lift—wedges, platforms, chunky heels, make sure they’re comfortable.  Anything from one inch and up—it changes your posture, and that makes you look slimmer!  So simple!

These are my best secrets…not so secret really.  Sometimes we just forget that we deserve to pay attention to ourselves. We’re worth it!  You make me smile! Love,  Bren

Fashion tricks to hide your flaws #2. Tunics!

Tunics are another staple item for all of us…no matter what size or shape! The best shape is one that just skims over your body from bust to mid- thigh.  The taller you are , the longer you can wear them,  but they work well on petites too–just keep proportion in mind. Petite shapes need a shorter tunic—somewhere from just below the hip to mid-thigh.  You want a fabric that falls, no clinging. It will hide any love handles, tummy bulges, back fat—all those little edges that we don’t love.  You will look taller and slimmer—the word is “sleek”! A good word.

You can do sleeves or not—but a sleeveless tunic ( or shift) gives your more layering options!  A tunic with sleeves works well on it’s own, push up the sleeves, add a couple of bangles and great earrings or a longer necklace or scarf for interest.  Just remember that you want to make the eye go up and down–always elongating the body.  A short chunky necklace on a tunic is a risk—it stops the flow from neck to thigh.  Another option is to wear a jacket, not a blazer, you want something more interesting and edgy.  Remember, it’s an accessory! (see #1 blog-yesterday’s).

A sleeveless tunic is more versatile, as you can layer on top–a jacket or an artisan cardigan, or even a longer fine knit pullover that skims the body.  But, you can wear it over a blouse or fine knit shirt—totally changes the look, alllows you to add color or print or texture while maintaining that long profile!  Pretty cool! Repurpose things in your closet!  Play!

Can’t find a tunic? I buy dresses that have this simple shape and shorten them!

What to wear with a tunic?  Straight leg pants, leggings, bootcut pants—remember, narrow across the hips and thighs–we don’t want to add bulk.  Boots and leggings look awesome with tunics—made for each other!  Looks great on any age or size woman—really! (I wear a Spanx tank under my tunics to smooth that little edge where my pants waistband is, pull it over the waistband to your pelvic bone—also tucks in my tummy a bit.)

This is one look I would like to keep for the rest of my life–always appropriate, tons of options to dress up or down.  Such fun and it always works!

Did you find your boots?  It’s time…yay!! Such glorious days…don’t let them slip by.  Love you, Bren