Chico’s and Eileen Fisher at 65% off retail!!

When you shop at the Closet Exchange stores, your price is 60% to 80% off the original price!  We have a Chico’s rack at the 925 Great Plain Ave. store (best of the mall), and two permanent Eileen Fisher racks at our 906 Great Plain Ave. store (designer and boutique).

Both brands make wonderful transitional pieces–great sweaters and jackets that you can mix with things you already own to make you look and feel like spring!  It’s amazing how a little color over the classic Boston black can lift your spirits and your color!  It even makes people around you feel better!

One other idea–look at your suits. We don’t wear them as much as we used to, but the jackets now make a great separate!  Wear them with your jeans, or a print skirt and flats!  Shop the suit racks at our stores–just buy the suit because the jacket is a great separate!  Our prices are so low that it’s a smart buy–give the pants or skirt away. ( Never keep something you are never going to wear..) 

Come and see us–we  have new merchandise every day in all three stores.  We can help you fluff up your spring wardrobe without spending a fortune.  You’ll look wonderful and ready for these gorgeous days!

You can be best dressed for less!  Take care.  Think happy thoughts.  Brenda and Maggie