Consignment shopping at its best!

Have you been to our three stores? We really are so different than all the rest. Our three stores are divided by brands–we add at least 200 new items every day–and we have great customer service! We really like what we do.

We carry size 0 to 24–we carry Old Navy to Armani–and we’re really fussy. We shop here.

There is no other consignment store that offers this amount of merchandise in one location. Park once and visit all three stores–seven days a week!

We have a separate store just for drop offs–this is how we manage the large amount of incoming merchandise–and we offer our consignors a 50/50 split!! Most stores now keep 60%. You should think about consigning those things you didn’t wear last year–call us at 781-449-7344.

You can be best dressed for less–let us show you how!
Take care. Be grateful. Brenda and Maggie