What Is Resale?

Closet Exchange

At some point in time, you have looked through your closet and decided that EVERYTHING is wrong. It is usually on a really important day and the last problem you need. This should be your “Ah-ha” moment!

In resale, we take the best pieces from your closet and sell them for you. When they sell, you receive 40% of the selling price. Unsold pieces are donated to local women’s charities and you receive the tax credit. This is the beauty of resale!

Resale is a great way to make and save money while being eco-friendly. Your closet can be upgraded each day that you shop resale! We often refer to our resale stores as revolving doors…you leave one piece while buying another better piece to replace it at a fraction of the original price.

Get creative and think about your group of friends, clubs, charity or religious organizations. Resale can be a group venture to raise monies while collecting a charitable deduction on those pieces that do not sell.