Day 10. Brenda’s closet.

I am returning to work tomorrow (yippee!) and find I am having a little clothing anxiety. That’s what happens if you haven’t had to dress to go out in the world for a few days.  I am supposed to look like I know what I’m doing, but there is a little brain fog when you’ve been out of the loop.

When in doubt, I almost always reach for skinny pants or leggings, tall boots and a mid-thigh tunic. It’s always comfortable and easy.  It also covers any  lumps and edges if you’re feeling a little fluffy.  A pretty scarf or a couple of chunky long necklaces with stacked bracelets and you look like a magazine cover!  Another nice option would be a vest or a funky jacket.

Think of the pants and tunic like a canvas…easier if all one color.  Then add something that makes you feel great! This always works…really!

Don’t forget…you need to practice smiling once or twice.

Take care. Be polite. Brenda