Day 11. Brenda’s closet.

I went to work today…it was so nice to be back.  I am so fortunate to work with such amazing women!  So good to see all their beautiful faces.

As I said, it’s a little hard to get back into the routine, but it all went well. I did wear my basic uniform, skinny pants, tunic and tall boots. I added my favorite black cashmere sweater with the batwing sleeves.  This too is good for hiding little rolls and muffin tops. (why is it we name our figure flaws after food?) Added a few silver rings, and a pretty fur collar.  I looked like myself…that’s good.

Had an early meeting, made a new video to talk about the sale that starts on Friday (yes, there is a sale !, go look at the video), and had a great, busy, and productive day. It’s so nice to have a job you love.

I think i”m going to start writing these things at night…thanks for checking in.

Take care. Call your mom. Brenda