Day 12. Brenda’s closet.

The second day back at work really made me think about how much I love my job, our staff, our customers, and our consignors.  I get to go to work everyday, looking forward to a busy and productive day in a business that makes people happy! On top of that, I work with beautiful clothing and accessories–who could ask for more? Oh, and I get to work with my daughter and my husband. I am blessed.

Speaking of clothing, I bought a very nice cocoon sweater from Haute Hippie today. nice and long with a hood (something I usually avoid) that lays flat like a pretty large portrait collar. White blouse, skinny pants, gray suede over the knee boots and lots of silver–ready for work.  The white blouse and the silver jewelry work like a mini facelift—they light up your face.

The sale started today.  I love our sales.  We see so many people we know and love. It’s like having a party all day!  Stop by and see us. You’ll have a good time, and maybe find a new sweater too!

Take care. Buy a new pair of earrings…something different from all the rest. Brenda