Day 2..I’m sick.

Not going in to work today. This is not normal, so I’ll make the best of it. I’m trying to convince myself that I don’t feel as bad as the woman in the mirror looks.  Good day for all black. I have lots of black..I think it’s a Boston thing. So..soft black knit pants (not bulky…don’t need to feel worse if I see a reflection), black tank and long, soft black sweater, uggs. I look presentable if I have to answer the door or step outside.

My mom used to call these” house clothes”-not really something I would wear out, but ok if someone happens to see you. I have lots of them. They are built from things that are wearing out and comfortable pants bought in multiples when I’m lucky enough to find ones that work for me-long, straight and soft. A little lipstick and a ponytail can almost make me pass for ok, just don’t ask me to speak.

I do not like to look BAD…it affects my mood.  Speaking of mood- have you seen the latest mixes of stripes and prints in the spring mags?  Sometimes the phrase “everything works” is wrong. Period. Be afraid. Talk to you tomorrow.