Day 3. Brenda’s closet.

Still under the weather, but feeling improved. I will live. Still in house clothes…they are so soft.  You can crawl in and out of bed and roam to the kitchen for a cup of tea without any fuss.

Changed it up a little today. Long gray cashmere sweater and white tank, black pants, gray uggs.  I buy men’s cashmere sweaters when they are on sale at TJ Maxx or Marshalls.  You can get nice long, wonderful sweaters for very little money when it’s clearance.  I keep them forever, mend them if they get a little hole, and they get softer and softer. I wash all my cashmere by hand, spin, and then put in dryer just enough to soften from the spin cycle . I hang to dry..they come out perfect. You should not dry clean cashmere, even though it always says to on the tag.  The dry cleaning process breaks down the fibers.. Yes, wandering a bit.

I actually tried to make my hair not look like bed head… and am thinking a bit of lipstick may make me feel even better. Tomorrow I will put more effort into dressing and let you know how it goes.  In the mean time, there is a new tips and tricks today. (If you scroll down to the bottom of the first page, the newest tips are there.) Do a little test in your closet, and I’ll do one in mine. Do you have any bright colors in there? I’ll tell you about mine tomorrow.

Take care. Be kind to yourself, Brenda