Day 4. Brenda’s closet.

Hope you are all well.  Thanks for checking in. Still home.

Well, I did try a little harder this AM. “Lucy power pants” (ha ha) today..they suck you in a bit, lots of spandex and added a scarf because my neck is always cold and it looks better. No one cares, since I am home alone, I just don’t like to look crummy. I know it’s stupid, just can’t help it.

Looked in my closet…did you? My closet is small. I try to only keep things in there that always work-nothing that I’m not sure of, that doesn’t fit, that needs mending, that needs ironing, or that is really out of season. It keeps me from wasting time when I get dressed.  It’s hard enought to put an outfit together- without the frustration of editing as you’re trying to get out the door. It took me a long time to figure this out, but it does help. I am less crabby. Ask my husband…

Back to my closet…a little like a cave. Lots of black, gray, and many white shirts. But-i did see a couple of pink shirts, a pink vest, a hot pink blazer, and a couple of blue jackets! I need to remember to add them to the mix a little more often…maybe move them to the front of the rod. I’m starting to like pink a lot. I have to do it in baby steps. All black and a pink shirt….I am pretty much a two color girl and a scarf or necklace for the pop.

I miss seeing your smiling faces. Take care. See you soon. Brenda