Day 6. Brenda’s closet.

Let’s keep going on this closet thing. We’re off to  good start, and it will make your life better.  Look at it this way–it’s something you can actually have control over!

Let’s go back to bottoms for a minute…pants and skirts. I wear mostly black pants and skirts because it’s easy and practical for work. I don’t feel that I have to buy expensive ones, since  black pants are black pants.  They are just the bottom half of something interesting—just a canvas. I tend to buy multiples if I find a pair of pants that look great, work great and are affordable.  Why reinvent the wheel? My favorites right now are Seven black knit bootcut pants and Eileen Fisher skinny black knit ankle pants. These work great for me, until the maker changes the formula.

This approach will work for you too…the trick is to find what fits you best. Try to find pants that have some spandex…they always fit better and are more comfortable.  Brands that offer a lot of options are Gap, Banana Republic, NY&Co., Old Navy, Nordstrom’s, and Macy’s. One more important thing about pants—I know I keep saying this, but it is true! Pants must be the right length for the shoes you wear with them. Unless we’re talking about capris, your pant hem should be no more than 1/2 ” from the floor at the heel.Get  a full length mirror and always check.  Notice women where you work, or go for lunch or even walking on the street—it really makes a difference.

I know, picky-picky.  The truth is, you are all so beautiful in your own way, I just want to help you recognize that, and then make the most of it in a simple and stress-free way.

Go look in your closet again…see what you can do. Take care. Brenda